CE Level 2 Armor


Times are changing and so are our armors! No more of the bulky non flexible hard armors of yesterday! Hazardous Racing brings you the best by including CE Certified Level 1 Armors in all of our garments and the option to upgrade to CE Certified Level 2 Armors in our Podium suits!!

Why Soft armor over hard armor? Here are a few of the benefits
– Soft Armors slow the impact better than hard armor. Resulting in less bruising!
– Soft Armors conforms to your body. No more bulky, tight, or loose areas!
– Soft Armors that is molded to your body does not move around, keeping the protection where you need it!
– Soft Armors Have a wider functional heat range! Now you can stay protected no matter what climate you are in!



This upgrade gives you the option of more safety! Ce Certified Level 2 armors are the next level in impact resistance. Designed to withstand a higher level of impact means you are covered at a higher speed and or for more dampening for a softer impact. Being made of a soft, dual density construction that is much safer than the armors of yesterday also adds a new level of comfort as well!

If you have not read through the description on our CE 1 armors here are the the differences of CE Certified, Tested, and Approved! “Certified” Meaning it has undergone rigorous testing and met or exceeded the requirements to pass them. Beware when purchasing CE “Approved” or “Tested” Armors, You may not be getting what you think!

Here is a bit of information to clarify:

Tested: Usually means that the manufacturer tested the garment sample or samples in their own facility to meet (possibly) certain standards. But the sample may not have been sent to a certified testing facility for the official testing procedures.

Certified: Garment samples were tested at a certified testing facility and may have passed specific tests in one or more zones.

Approved: To be “CE Approved”, multiple samples of the garment must have been tested by a certified facility and certified to meet or exceed the relevant standards in all zones.

Rest assured all Armors included in Hazardous Racing products ARE CE CERTIFIED