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The History of Hazardous Racing


RJ Wade, CEO Hazardous Racing

Hazardous Racing, LLC. is a brand with deep roots in racing and engineering. My name is Roy “RJ” Wade and I am the owner of Hazardous Racing. Hazardous Racing has a unique approach, a vision focused on rider safety. My goal is to build a suit of armor around you that protects you while maintaining maximum comfort, should the inevitable take place, the rider meets the pavement.

As the owner of Hazardous Racing, I am heavily involved in the motorcycle and road race community. I find compassion in helping others engage in this sport we all love. Although I started as a suit design company, others began to see our passion as well. They began looking to us as “that company” that truly caters to our community. They were right, I want to help educate as many riders as possible about motorcycle safety and protection. As a result, I have partnered with some of the best companies in the industry today. My goal is to bring our customers an experience that riders of all levels have come to expect. Whether you’re shopping our online store or need something at the track if you want to know more about us the Hazardous team is always an email or phone call away.

Many companies sell suits and gear designed to protect motorcyclists from injuries. Here at Hazardous Racing, R&D comes from riders of all skill levels in many different environments. From the history of hazardous Our partnership with several track day and race, organizations have given us the ability to interact with riders personally. I pride myself on obtaining such feedback in these environments where safety is needed most. This is instrumental in helping with the ongoing evolution and development of our safety products. In the end, Hazardous Racing offers the most advanced protection available today, and even some of tomorrow.

While no safety product can absolutely guarantee one’s safety in any crash, Hazardous Racing Guarantees our quality, and our fit to be true to size, or we’ll fix it, every time.

We stand with PRIDE by our Products, Riders, and Racers.

Hazardous Racing “Our Hides – Protecting Yours”

That’s my promise,

Roy “RJ” Wade