Our Promise

Your Safety IS Our Reputation

At Hazardous Racing, LLC. we strive to provide you the best gear possible while keeping your safety and comfort at the forefront of our development. Our guarantee is simple. The quality that you receive will exceed your expectations! If something is wrong or if we make a mistake on your order, it’s simple, we will make it right, every time.


Hazardous Racing suits are designed with the highest attention to detail in mind. No matter what level of suit you choose, your protection is our focus. Our suits adjoining seams have been triple stitched for impact endurance. Utilizing titanium armor inserted into ABS plastic or carbon fiber armor in highest probable impact areas. Your shoulders, elbows, and knees which are CE1 zones are protected by some of the best made molds available to us. Additionally, all CE1 zones are reinforced with an additional layer of cowhide including the seat as well.We mean it literally, ‘Our Hides – Protecting Yours!”

Leather Quality

Our base street/track STARTS with 1.3MM drum dyed cowhide leather. This is a standard high end leather that many brands today utilize for their race suits. Upgrades can be made to the leather moving on to a  1.5MM cowhide leather which although adds weight adds to durability, and abrasion resistance to damages taken in use. Lastly the 1MM Kangaroo is a great alternative as it’s a lighter more flexible and more abrasive resistant per MM than Cowhide. When split into thinner strands of 20% of the original thickness Kangaroo retains 30-60% of its tensile strength while cowhide only retains 1-4% its original strength. Kangaroo is lighter stronger and has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is 50% stronger than goat skin!

Our Base Race suit has all of the same options for leather as the street/track suit but we start with a 1.4 MM cowhide and have eliminated the option of the 1.5MM We also added the option of a Hybrid suit. The best of both world with a 1MM Kangaroo Torso and 1.4MM Double Reinforced Cowhide Limbs. And of course the option of a full 1MM Kangaroo is an option as well. After all when it comes to Racing who doesn’t want the added edge of a 40% lighter suit?

Stingray Highlights

At Hazardous Racing we integrate tanned stingray hide in the most pertinent areas of any suit. Stingray is very abrasive resistant and with the addition of a dense foam, it is the first thing to help keep your high impact areas off the pavement adding longevity to your suit.  Stingray can be added to any suit as an option while being a standard feature in our Alpha II and Omega gloves.

Thread Choices

Let us educate you about Polyester, Nylon, and Kevlar

Question – Will Kevlar Thread cut through leather?
Answer – The answer is YES!

Kevlar thread will cut or tear through through leather due to its minimal stretching properties. When thread leaves a seam exposed it is because it won the strength contest. In the battle of heavy use and high stress placed on a piece of protective gear, the strongest component will always win. It is not accurate to say that leather of any type whether it is Cowhide or Kangaroo is stronger than the shearing affects of Kevlar. In the correct conditions Kevlar thread can act like a razor, cutting through the thickest leathers available. As a result, it can leave your body exposed to the elements. These elements are what we work hard to keep your body from ever seeing. Polyester thread, has a lower tensile strength per diameter than that of Kevlar. Polyester has a higher stretch per inch allowing the leather to hold its composition in the event of an accident.  The answer is to use a thicker polyester thread to gain the same tensile strength of Kevlar threads. This allows flexibility without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the leather. The myths that Kevlar thread is the preferred choice for a great performing suit simply are not true. Do not get us wrong, Kevlar thread has a place in the protective gear motorcycle world. With today’s advancements in your suit is not where you want it!

Question – Where do we use Kevlar Stitching?
Answer – Our race gloves are stitched with Kevlar thread! Now reread the previous paragraph and let us tell you why we choose Kevlar for our Race Gloves.

Your gloves see the most continuous use of any part of your safety gear. There is not a moment that your hands are not in contact with the bars, because are providing or receiving input from your machine constantly. This action is your data connection to your motorcycle. Kevlar is the best choice for this, because it is abrasive resistant and withstands the most abuse of any thread available. The diameter is half that of a Poly or Nylon thread and near the same tensile strength. Our race gloves have a double exterior stitching to maintain maximum feel. The smaller thread is a necessity to maintain the constant battle of durability vs. comfort. Our gloves have undergone extensive testing to ensure stitching is placed where chances of Kevlar shearing the Kangaroo leather will least likely to happen.