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Custom Fitment

Over the years we have done images, pictures, videos, PDFs, and word docs yet we still get a lot of questions about the fitment of a custom race suit. Here is a fun little walk through that tells you, step by step, how to have your measurements taken for your Hazardous Custom Race Suit! Please make sure you read the entire tutorial before you begin. There are some very important facts about our measurements and self checks in our fitment that help rest assure you did this process correctly at the end!

First things first, you need ANOTHER person! Someone who can follow the form and someone who you doesn’t mind getting up close and personal with. This person must be able to use a measuring tape in centimeters (CM) and accurately write the measurements down.

Second thing you will need is the tools for the job. Painter’s tape is easiest to use, a pen, and a measuring tape in CM. These can be found at your local WalMart near the sewing machines for about a dollar for the 150CM model. There is one that is about 200CM which is easier to use, however costs a little more, about three dollars.

Next, you want to put on your undersuit then grab your armor (chest plate, back protector, etc.) that you want the Custom Race Suit to be tailored around. **Special note about your aftermarket armor.** Custom Race Suits come with a full layout of Chest, Back, Shoulders, Hips, Elbow to Wrist, and Knee to Shin armor. Some customers have their own armor that the prefer to use. If this is the case, please use our design sheet to note you prefer your suit to be built without armor. All suits will ship with armor if not noted otherwise!

Depending on your order please use one or both forms below. You can also download the following forms below:

Our goal is your safety and satisfaction. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to reach is via email at ...

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