16-9299 Heavy Duty Plastic Bar End Slider with Guard Mount (Single Side)




Bar End Slider Assembly with handguard (or other accessory) mounting surface.  Simply remove your pressed-in handlebar ends and use the expansion joint to secure this mount inside the bar.  The 7/8″ OD mounting surface is designed for mounting Woodcraft handguards but can also be used for other accessories like bar-end mirrors.  The 7/8″ mounting surface is 0.700 inches wide.

This kit comes with a single bar end and is designed to work with Woodcraft handlebars (not OEM handlebars).  It will also work on any other aftermarket bar that has a 5/8″ inside diameter.

NOTE:  our bars are 15.8mm = 5/8” and the bar end can expand up to 17.1mm