Custom Race Suits & Leathers

Hazardous Racing: Custom Race Suits & Leathers

Our latest in motorcycling performance technology for road and performance riding. Our 2018 collection hosts a range of custom race suits & leathers, innovative protection, leather jackets, and riding gloves all constructed of new tanned cowhide or kangaroo. If you need help or can’t find what your looking for call us at (540)458-1362 or E-Mail us today.

  • In Suit Air Vest

    Air vest that is INSIDE the suit. Check out the link before for more information. New IN SUIT AIR VEST
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  • Podium Custom Race Suit

    Our Podium suit has the best of both worlds, Safety and Luxury! If you ride frequently or want the added luxury of all the bells and whistles to make your riding experience the most enjoyable ever, you have come to the right place! Available in standard fit, custom fit, and the option to personalize the only thing coming between you and the ground.... There is no other choice than a Hazardous Racing Podium Suit!
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  • Qualifier Custom Street/Track Suit

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  • Rental Gear

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    If you are renting gear for 1 day please make sure that the quantity you enter is 1 for each item you need. If you are renting gear for 2 days please make sure that the quantity you enter is 2 for each item you need. Also you will need to download our rental gear agreement form here. Please fill out the form and email it to us. Also be sure to include the date(s) that you need the gear for. Failure to return the form means your order might not be fulfilled based on availability. Thank you, Hazardous Racing Team
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