Suit Order Walk Through

Suit Order Walk Through


We realize that the process to order a custom suit can be confusing, so this is a simple and quick guide to walk you through the process to order a suit.


1.  Choose your suit, and its level.
Club, SS, Pro, SUMO, GP, GPS...  all of these are the different levels, they specify the specifications of that model.
Do you want cow? Roo? Stingray? and so on.  Our basic Club Racer suit is AMAZINGLY capable, with all of our specs, but those who want to up the ante and get better or stronger materials, we have plenty to select from.

2. Go to its product page.  For this example, we will use the Pro Race model Here

Here you have the basic information on the suit, what the specs are, and the choices you can make.

If you want to purchase this suit, your first step is to fill out the "Product Customization Tab"

Reason being, is on EVERY Hazardous suit, you can add your number to your Speed Wedge (hump), and your name either in the small of your back, or on your rear end, at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Fill these three boxes out, then click save.


Now that you have that, your next step is to select your colors.

By default, Hazardous offers every customer two colors, of their own choosing from our standard color palette.

The design is delineated by the number at the bottom of the image, then the color is delineated by the 1 or the 2 in the image, meaning simply, color 1 and color 2.  Don't worry about guessing what it will look like, our graphics team will send you a mock up image for you to sign off on before your order is sent to production!



Now that you have your colors, you might ask, well I want to match my wheels, or I want to match my helmet, well that is not a problem either!


We just can't do that free, since we have to specially make the leather

Here you can select if you want custom colors (specially matched to your palette), or a full custom printed suit.


On the design drop down you can select if you want us to do custom matched leather (now keep in mind we are dying LEATHER, so while the colors will be close, some shades may vary because of the materials), and we will make you custom colors, in which you will approve prior to final construction.

Your other choice is to for a full custom printed design, you want to look like a Cheetah, Giraffe, or a Crash Test Dummy Flying around the canyons or race track?  No problem!  For an additional 349 we will custom print your leathers to your specifications.  If you don’t have set graphics, our graphics team can work up a design with you.  This package includes a couple hours of design time if needed.  Note: If the design take more than a few hours, additional charges at 99/Hr. may occur.

The last few choices are pretty cut and dry!


For your size, simply select if you want a standard size, or custom fit.

A lot of people are SHOCKED at our custom fit price.  ONLY 200 BUCKS?!

We get a lot of "What's the catch? Or Why so cheap?" and the truth is simple.

Hazardous Racing is here to help protect riders and racers.  We realize (as we hope everyone does) that no product can absolutely guarantee your safety on two wheels, we at Hazardous Racing believe that a suit that is built to protect you personally, protects you the best.

Less likely to have leather move, arm rollovers, etc... All because the suit is CREATED for you, according to your 34 measurements.  We never tailor down an existing size either.  When you select custom fit, we create your suit, for you from scratch.  (Custom suits typically take 6-8 weeks to be shipped)


So select your size, or Custom fit, then the last few options are simple.

Speed Wedge?  Want one? What Size? Want it to hold a camelback reservoir?

Pieces? 1 or 2?

Sponsor logos?  This includes up to 6 with your images (though we have most standard images) you can get an additional amount with a small fee if needed.

Add to cart, and you're ready to roll!






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