Custom Everything!

Custom Everything!

Over the time Hazardous has been a part of Racers' lives, and our racing industry, we have worked tooth and nail to come out with not only the most clean and protective suits on the market, at the BEST cost, incorporating all of the newest and best materials we can into our suits.  Everything from Stingray (25 TIMES stronger than cowhide) to Kevlar sheet reinforcements, between leather reinforcements in the hips, thighs, and knees of ALL of our suits, and even double and triple stitching all of our seams in Kevlar Threading at NO additional cost!  But there are MORE options!

Want us to match colors to your bike?  Want us to do all of your custom logos from your business (Make your suit an advertisement and therefore a write-off!) or those businesses that sponsor you on the racetrack?  Or go all out!  Full CUSTOM LASER print!  We can take your vector or non-vector designs and transform them into the wildest race gear, gloves, or jackets you need!

Custom Coloring starts at 200USD

Full Custom Graphics for 349USD (Up to 3 hours of design time with Hazardous Staff, more than that will be a rate of 49USD/Hr)

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