Where are your suits made?

Where are your suits made?

I always struggle with that question, honestly, I get it often, but I think it's the wrong question.

A better question is “how” is your gear made, instead of “where”.

In this day and age we have most major bands making gear overseas, because price is an important part of competing in the world’s market place.

Most major brands have operations in Pakistan, China, or South America.

But really none of that matters, when the quality assurance remains guaranteed and remains meticulous and through the roof.

Put simply and plainly, Hazardous Racing LLC is based in Huntersville, NC. It’s where our home office is, as well as our main tailoring and adjustment operations (repair alterations etc, are all done in the local shop) are done. We have customers all over the globe, the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia all who have been delighted not only with our quality, but our customer service as well.

Our main production facility is in a manufacturing town in Pakistan that primarily deals in the race leathers industries, which we are proud to deal with.

This town has been working with leather for centuries, and yes, I am full well aware as I have been riding for a long while myself, that you can get some scrubbed out cheap crap from direct to home buyers/sellers in Pakistan. Some companies are going outside their manufacturers and trying to sell direct to the public with no quality assurance, no goals other than making money, sending you a suit once, and saying forget it “I’ve made the cash” and that’s the end, yeah… We’ve heard plenty of those stories.

And that's not to say we haven't made HUGE strides in our own quality achievements. We sank thousands upon thousands building our gear up and passed the level of quality we wanted for our friends, fellow riders, and even racers that who are all seriously putting my gear through the paces Hard and Fast. These are our friends, these are people we ride with, these are people who know us, and put their faith in our gear, and we want that faith to be justified by doing everything we can to do to help protect them in our sport, as dangerous as it is.

But that isn’t how we run Hazardous.

Quality is our number ONE goal.

Our stitchers came from some of the area companies with not only years of experience in leather, but years of experience making race suits for GP riders. ALL of Hazardous racing’s suits quality are guaranteed to be the best you’ve seen, or we fix it, every time. And our reputation is going through the roof hard and fast for it.

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team on site, and every suit goes out hand inspected for quality and true to measure fit, all 34 points.

Our technical specs are laid out in every model specific to what that model overs in the way of protecting you on the racetrack or on the road.

Every Hazardous suit is reinforced with dual layers of leather in the elbows, hips thighs, and knees, then we introduced a new technique where we are placing sheeted Kevlar in between those reinforced layers.

Every Hazardous suit is stitched with Black Kevlar thread, and every structural seem is reinforced with cordura in the fashion of triple stitching, this is where the seam is double stitched throughout the structure of the component, then a layer of cordura (like a canvas) is placed over the seam, and stitching in place. Our seams don’t bust.

Every Hazardous Racing suit comes with ABS plastic and cushion lined CE grade internal removable armor in chest, shoulders, elbows, forearms, knees, and shins. The Back protector and Hip armor are foam based CE plates that are about .75 inches thick, the suits are incredibly armored, and all of that armor is removable.

Every Hazardous Racing suit comes with a removable liner, upgraded to a poly blend throughout the upper torso to promote ventilation and breathability, as well as less stick due to sweat.

Every Hazardous suit comes with Ti Armor on the shoulders, Elbows, and knees, as well as vents on the tops of our shoulders so that in a crouched stance, wind funnels through your back, ensuring that YOU don’t over heat in hotter temps.

Every Hazardous suit also includes 100% authentic Materials as named.

Our Kangaroo suits are Kangaroo Leather, not just “some” kangaroo, that some other manufacturers do, where they place kangaroo in impact zones and cowhide throughout.

Our stingray is authentic “from the fish hide to your gear” stingray

Our leathers are weighted and sold as we describe. 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 1mm Kangaroo, these are all top notch leather weights, which really come out to 2.6mm, 2.8mm, and 2.3mm in their reinforced areas.

Customer loyalty is key to us.

Other brands that are out there, who aren’t the small boutique based business, simply don’t have the effort in customer service and guarantees that we at Hazardous have.

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